Thaise massage

What is Thai Massage
The traditional Thai massage is likely due to the Indian medicine and perhaps also influenced by Chinese settlers. Thai massage is like other oriental medicine based on the idea that energy channels through the body and hant closely with the Buddhist teachings. It is also called Thai yoga massage called because many stretching movements similar to yoga positions.

Basics of Thai Massage
For good health, the life energy flow freely through an invisible network of canals. A Thai masseur tries to balance the energy through the channels to stretch and give with his hands, feet and elbows pressure on certain points along the channels. The idea is that the physical body is a means to the emotional or mental body away. The masseur traditionally creates a meditative atmosphere ..

Thai massage is very different than most massages we know. The massage is more dynamic, varied and without oil. In Thailand, this massage to you physically and mentally young and vital. Originally had the massage a sacred status and by Buddhist monks in temples made​​.

Effects of Thai massage
Thai massage increases the elasticity and flexibility of the body. The massage is improved circulation. The tension in the muscles and reduces the elasticity of the muscles. Also, the nervous system is stimulated, resulting in an increased activity. Breathing becomes deeper and quieter and digestion is stimulated. The improved circulation also makes the skin more beautiful.